Tips To Make A Sound Investment In Noida Real Estate

In the last few years, Noida in the NCR has become one of the most preferred destinations for real estate investment in India. Both home buyers as well as property investors have had their eye out for profitable deals in the region. With the development of the Yamuna Expressway and the surrounding developing regions of Greater Noida, real estate in Noida is poised at a high peak. Good connectivity, quality infrastructure, green and clean atmosphere and development of commercial spaces has made real estate in Noida highly favorable. With prices lower than Gurgaon, many buyers are now moving their sights to homes in this locality.

But as with any financial dealings, real estate investment can be a risky affair. To ensure that you are not falling prey to any frauds, schemes or poor judgment calls, here is a checklist of tips to ensure a sound property investment in Noida.

1. Flat Or Bungalow Plot?

While a mid-sized flats in Noida sounds like a great deal, wouldn’t you want to live in a bigger home? Maybe give your family that bungalow you always promised? Well, in Noida, that dream could actually come true. Along the Yamuna Expressway, you can find bungalow plots priced the same as apartments. There are many available plots near the F1 track as well as flourishing townships that are affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

2. Possible Absorption?

Long term investors who have an overall timeframe of 5-10 years should consider buying home with low absorption. Since the inventory or property and plots along the Yamuna Expressway and in Noida Extension is rather high, absorption rates of home are likely to slow down. Hence, these spaces are ideal for long term investors or those who plan to be end users and do not intend to re-sell or dispose of the property within a few years.

3. What Are The Specifications?

Many home buyers and investors look for small complexes with lesser homes and larger spaces. However, this may sometime lead to a loss in premium at a later stage. Projects with bigger specifications however can command a better premium over time. These tend to be located closer to amenities such as parks and open spaces and will continue to grow rate-wise in the future. A 25 acre project and a 50 acre project will show a great deal of difference in premium margin in the future.

Keep these few factors in mind, and then you can’t go wrong with investment in real estate in Noida.

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Material costs hiking Noida’s real estate prices

The year 2015 has been a mixed bag so far for the realty segment. While there has been a lot of praise for the incentive schemes extended by the government to encourage families to go for their own house, the rise of building materials is taking the shine out of the idea. Material costs hike in Noida and NCR has taken its toll on the buying trend among middle income buyers. With Service Tax likely to be hiked from 12.36 per cent to 14 per cent, the real estate prices will surely see the consequences in the long run, if not now.

Realty experts in Noida and NCR expect the following factors will push the prices on an upward roll.

Cement prices: Expecting a 2 per cent hike

With service tax seeing a hike, the direct impact will be on the most basic material used in the realty market- Portland cement. The move to increase the prices of cement has not gone too well with the realty market as many ambitious projects in and around Noida are yet to begin. While many projects have already crossed their deadlines, the cost of cement will further affect the sale of units.

The price hike in the materials cost in Noida will see a cascading effect on the sales trend in the area. With the festive season almost at the brink of arrival, a hike of 30 per cent in the current cement prices is expected. The prices will remain tentative, expected to shuttle between a range of INR 280 to INR 380 for a 50 kg package.

Sand and Bricks remain unaccounted

The shortage of river-side sands and the grip of mafia has already proved to be a menace for the realty developers. Most builders and developers have surrendered their mega-projects owing to the shortage of bricks and sands. These are created a black market trend leading to inflation of sands and bricks. In the end, it is the buyer who has to shell out the cost, irrespective of the floor space on offer.

Cost of steel and iron rods

The foundation of any project in realty segment is laid on steels and iron rods. In Noida, the steel prices are higher than the neighbouring states. It will add an additional burden of 1.2 per cent on the current property prices. If you have a plot and wish to build your own independent house, your budget will see an inflation of INR 200,000 to INR 345,000 compared to what it was in March 2015.


In the prevailing realty market, the end-users who are eying a property could suddenly find themselves in a muddle of unexpected price hikes. Apart from the material costs, the labour cost and the input cost will further create a volatile situation in the market. With Noida already witnessing a slowdown in the residential demands, the material cost hike is a dent in the armour of one of the fastest growing segments in Asia.

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Top 6 factors haunting Noida real estate in 2015

Noida Real EstateWith the coming of the new government, hopes are again up and there is increased buoyancy in the market. With allocation of more funds for affordable housing, easing of FDI norms, implementation of REITs and special focus on infrastructure development, the government has made it clear that in order to push economic growth, a special focus on infrastructure and real estate development is pivotal. The Noida real estate is supposed to enjoy a remarkable influx of growth as many MNCs companies are locating headquarters in the Noida and greater Noida region. Nowadays, resale property market in full swing in Noida as many Indian and foreigner are keen to make investment with the pioneering opportunity.

However, there are still many concerns in the market:

Growth Recession and High Inflation:

The real estate sector has been affected by the dual problems of growth recession and high inflation.  This has affected both the commercial as well as housing sector.  Recently, news of a huge unoccupied real estate has hit the media including office spaces, residential complexes and malls.  10 to 20% of commercial spaces remain unoccupied.

Residential Oversupply:

In many apartments and residential complexes there are flats and villas in Noida that are unoccupied.  On the other side of the coin, there is a shortage of residential units at the middle to lower end of the spectrum in Noida.  Several projects in Noida remain unsold because of the National Green Tribunal order forbidding authorities from registering properties falling within the eco-sensitive zone around the Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

Price Hike:

Registrations in Noida area have come down by 30% in the last six months largely due to the NGT provisions and hike in the allotment rates in the area. Another factor is that most end-users feel that the ticket size and the cost of the units are not justified and that the developer has not aligned the product to their needs. Some of them feel cheated because the developer sells apartments on the basis of super area and gives them a much smaller carpet area.

Low rental yield:

The rental yield in Noida is very compared to what the owners spend buying the spaces. The difference can be attributed to two related things. One is the premium paid by buyers for the comfort of ownership, and the other is the expectation of capital gains.

Increased land rate:

The Noida authority recently increased land allotment rates by 18.4%, one of the steepest jumps in recent times. The decision to increase the circle rates will affect the overall realty market in Noida, Greater Noida, and Yamuna Expressway. Although, this will allow authorities to get more funds, which would be used for infrastructure development in these areas, eventually, it would burden developers as land would become costly and raise the prices of properties as a consequence.

Falling land prices:

According to the Delhi Development Authority’s recently passed land pooling policy, private developers may directly acquire land from farmers/landowners willing to participate in the land pooling scheme, where they will get back 40-60 percent of the developed land, instead of any compensation. Experts believe this to be a short-term trend, however, which is likely to rationalise once more supply of developable land comes into the realty market.

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Top Rental Destinations In Noida You Should Look Out For And Why

Noida, a part of Delhi NCR (National Capital Region), is under the management of New Okhla Development Authority. Noida is a good location to live in when compared to the busy streets of Delhi. The region is not only less crowded, but it also provides for economical and affordable living options.

In today’s market, house rents have increased incredibly in Delhi and other NCR locations. Noida on the other hand, offers a wide range of rental prices that is perfect for any budget. The region is attracting a lot of people across the country to invest here, due to its bustling infrastructure developments.

Sectors 76 to 79 and Sectors 120 to 145 are the key localities in Noida where properties are rented at economical rates. The reasons for the popularity of these sectors are as follows:

· Presence of cheap and ready to move in accommodations.
· Proximity to important business centers.

Young professionals from all over the country are employed in the business hubs located in Noida. They tend to seek rental properties close to their offices as the commute becomes hassle free. People living in Sectors 76-79 have better travelling facilities as the major traffic signal of Sector 71 is situated close to these sectors. This signal connects commuters to four different directions, i.e. Central Noida, NH-24, Noida City Centre, and Noida Extension. Hence, travelling within Noida becomes extremely convenient.

According to the rental charges per month, one should explore the rental prices in the following areas:

(a) Noida-Greater Noida Expressway: The rental charges here vary between Rs 11,000 to 15,000 for a single bedroom, Rs 13,000 to 17,000 for a 2 BHK, and Rs 19,000 to 24,000 for a 3 BHK.

(b) Noida Extension: Located within close proximity to business centers, this belt in Noida offers great prices that are in the range between Rs. 9,000 to 11,000 for 2 BHK apartments. One can even find a 3 BHK apartment within this price range if he/she efficiently scouts the area.

(c) Noida Sectors 76-79: The rental charges here are priced between Rs. 11,000 to 15,000 for a 2 BHK and Rs 14,000 to 8,000 for a 3 BHK.
(d) Noida Sectors 120-145: Here there are different rental price options, but the price is averaged to be between Rs. 11,000 to 18,000 for a 2 BHK and Rs 15,000 to 24,000 for a 3 BHK. The prices may even go up to Rs 25,000 for a 2 BHK and Rs 32,000 for a 3 BHK for more luxurious apartments.

(e) Noida Sectors 1-20: If one is looking for an apartment that is in close proximity to the Delhi Metro, then he/she should check out these belts in Noida. The price for rental properties here ranges between Rs. 13,000 to 20,000 for a 2 BHK and Rs 22,000 to 27,000 for a 3 BHK.

The advancement in the Delhi Metro and other roadways are factors that will contribute to more growth and development, and hence more real estate investments in the popular region of Noida.

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Effect Of New Jewar Airport On The Real Estate Sector Of Noida

Due to the unavailability of an airport, Noida has always been the second option to Gurgaon in terms of new business establishments. However, with the news of a new airport being constructed in Noida, things are looking up.

There have been reports that the government is planning to construct a new international airport in Jewar, a small town adjacent to Noida. Since the city has been in dire need of an airport, this move will positively affect the real estate sector of Noida and the surrounding areas. If you are a potential investor or a new business owner, read on to discover the effects of the new Jewar Airport on the real estate sector of Noida:

Resurgent Business Opportunities

One of the biggest disadvantages that Noida faces as a prospective home for MNC’s is the absence of an airport. Since the owners of such companies tend to travel a lot, they prefer a location that has easy access to the airport. Gurgaon provides a quick travel option by being just 5 km from Indira Gandhi International Airport, while Noida is almost 40 km away from the airport. With the establishment of an airport close to Noida, this will give investors an incentive to open their offices here, and thus add to the real estate growth.

Expanding Infrastructure

Noida Real EstateTo accommodate the new airport, the government will have to come up with better roads, hotels, restaurants, and other relevant buildings in the adjoining areas. This will greatly improve the state of infrastructure around the city, and also positively impact the real estate sector.

Elevating Residential Projects

Mirroring what happened in Bangalore after the establishment of Kempegowda International Airport, Noida will witness an identical rise in residential apartments and villas near the new airport. This will boost the real estate market in the city, and also encourage developers to start new projects in the region.

Revitalized Tourism

One of the reasons why Jewar is being considered as a potential destination for the new airport is its strategic location. The town is well connected to Noida, and other tourist towns like Mathura and Agra. The presence of an airport will greatly increase the influx of tourists in the area, and thus enhance the real estate market around Noida as well.

Amplified Security

A major concern that prevents Noida from reaching its growth potential is the lack of safety. Unlit roads and free roaming goons are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Noida’s security issues. With the establishment of an airport in the region, the city will have better security, and an overall safer environment.
However, considering the many benefits that come with the establishment of this airport, it is surprising that the building work is yet to begun. It’s important to note that the sooner Noida constructs an international airport, the better it will be for the city.

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Nine Hour Power-Cuts Leave Residents Reeling In Frustration

Eleven sectors of the sprawling Noida city were left in darkness and heat when the UPPCL began serving power with 9 hours of scheduled power cuts. The residents are in an uproar with the majority of the regions being residential and office sectors. The lack of power resulted in activating the alternate power supply but with the costs of fuel rising in tandem, the viability of such an exercise is futile to seek. In response to the complaints against the continuous power cuts, the UPPCL said that there was a crisis that resulted in the rationed power supply. The timings for the power cut specified as 5am – 7am, 11.45am – 2.45pm, 4.15pm – 6pm and finally 7pm – 9.30pm.

While the timings are spread out, most of them are peak timings for offices and homes too. Children leave for school and professionals for offices in these hours and creating such nuisances are making people get irritated with the lax attitude of the electricity board. The shortage of 1700 MW it claims to be a crisis has not seen any efforts to mitigate, and there seems to be no end to the woes of the residents of the premier planned city in the country. The UPPCL defends with the argument that Noida is the least affected as the rural regions get over 20 hours of power cuts.

With such awkward answers, the escapism of the authorities comes forth quite evidently. No crisis should last beyond a day or two is what the resident associations have hit back. The problems of power cuts are in place for the past few months. Ironically  City of Noida is established as a no power-cut zone. Since the announcement of the by-polls of the assembly, the problems have started, and it seems to be in retaliation of the loss of the ruling party. The electricity board and the civic authorities are doing nothing good and not considering the matter adequately.

Residents are in discussion to revert the matter to the DM, the chairman of the development authority of the city and the officials of the power supply departments. The engineers of the PVVNL have assured that they are looking into the matter and getting ready to fix the crisis that has initiated the power cuts. The act of initiating power cuts and scheduling availability is not sitting well with the residents especially with the no-cut promise made in the inception. They are suffering a lot having to contend with the additional strain. Elevators could stop working without notice, water supply becomes erratic, and the offices and households suffer, as a result.

With such difficulties, the residents are in agreement that some serious action is required to get back the elite status of the region. They feel the need to stage a procession to get the attention of the authorities and remove the rostering that is clearly politically motivated. As usual, the public gets disturbed by the maneuvering between parties and political sects. Hopefully, Noida gets back into a fully-functional mode before the power cuts become a habit and gains acceptance.

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Logix Is Planning For An Amount Of Rs. 250-Crore For The Noida Project

The well-known realty firm under the name of Logix group is planning for a raise of a hefty amount of Rs. 250-crore related with none other than the foreign investors associated with none other than the field of development of the ongoing procedure related with the mixed use, as a major part of the commercial project under the zone of Noida segment. The company is now developing the commercial project with the value of investment rate of Rs. 1000 crore and it is also taking a look at the measures to raise the FDI of the company, in order to complete the final project.

The entire project of 6-acre land is going to be named as Noida City Center and this is going to include the value of 7-lakh square feet under the zone of shopping mall. On the other hand, it is also related with the 2.5-lakh square feet official towers along with the two hotels, as combined with the hundred service apartments and also 400 rooms, of your choice. As per the CMD from the Logix Group, “The cost of the entire project is going to be around an arena of 1000 crore rupees and this will definitely fall under the commercial project values.”

The investment forum is going to be a new one, in this regard. They are going to meet largely through the internal accruals and the company, at present, is in talk with the ways to raise the FDI associated with the project. When the reporters asked the CMD of the company about the amount, which the company plans to make, the spokesperson said that the main target is to raise an amount of Rs. 250-crore for the present situation. The amount will stay stable but the infrastructure developments might vary a little bit to match up with the growing demands of the customers and also the present scenario.

On the previous accounts, it has been found out that earlier Logix took hold of some investments and succeeded in raising funds from TAIB, Apollo and also ICICI Prudential related with some of the other projects, on the cards. When asked more about the details of the projects, the CMD told the reporters that shopping mall is going to be operational within a time period of 4 to 5 months. On the other hand, the other part of the project, under the service apartments, office and hotels category will take another 2 years to complete the entire infrastructure developments.

The mall is said to have PVR cinemas with fifteen-screen Superplex. This is going to be the largest development of all time, under this podium and first ever IMAX, under the northern Indian category. The brand city, named under HyperCITY is also going to be presented, under this mail section. This Noida based company has also associated with the Westin Hotels under the zone of 250-rooms five-star hotel along with the Hilton garden Inn related with another four-star hotel. To tip it all, the place is also going to tie up with the management of the service apartments. This company has just finished the 4 million square feet of the reliable IT projects and at present is developing three to four residential projects in Noida.

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Explores The Financing Categories Related With Delhi-Jaipur Expressway By RTH

At this present moment, the RTH or the Highways and road areas are exploring the options, related with the real estate developments, along with the zone of Expressway of Delhi-Jaipur. The main aim is to associate with finance a zone of land cost, which has already been trebled after a specific zone of law related with new land saving purpose, just after the force values. Cost associated with the project of 11.750, which can include the provision for the land acquisition and it will hike up at least a numerical value of 30,000-crore. This is related with the costing zone of the land which has also trebled focusing towards the latest law zone.

As per the ministry official, “The NHAI or the National Highway Indian Authority has also informed our professionals that the costing zone of the land only is going to be around 18,000 crore related with the streamline budget of 6,000-crore. The land stretch is going to be for 272 km expressway and the developments will surely be a hiking one for all.”

The development came just a month when the official statement of the PM office focused towards the road ministry related with a movement special cabinet note associated with the project, stated that it count as the first ever such highway region, which is going to be constructed with the helping hand of the central government. The special notion of the expressway of the Delhi-Jaipur can be defined as the most prominent announcements, made by the PM in the year 2013 and it relates up with the priority leveled project with the governing body. Related with the date and valid information, you will not come across any such expressway, which was built by the central government associated with this one is going to be the latest of the lot.

Apart from the information mentioned above, there are certain other news options, which people must be aware of. The officials related with this present condition mentioned well that the Ministry is now planning and at the same time exploring some of the related financing categories, related with the states associated with the stake-holder. Some of those states are Rajasthan, Delhi and also Haryana. They have marked a pivotal meeting with the states before relating with the variable project. This is a major point of focus, when the main area of concern is related with the recent development means near the Jaipur stretch.

On the other hand, the ministry of the road has also estimated an amount of the costing of the project, associated with the expressway region of the Delhi-Jaipur, associated with an estimated amount of 11,750-crore region. This amount is also going to include the pre-construction and also land acquisition activities. The RTH monister had previously mentioned that until and unless the majority part related with the land is associated related with the proposed construction associated with the expressway under the Delhi-Jaipur stretch, the financial institutions is also not going to shy away under the funding option of the project.

At this present moment, the constructional services are going to be done by none other than professionals, associated with this field for quite some time now. The news report is going to talk about the further developments too, which are creating a new buzz in the Delhi-Jaipur categories.

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WAVE Infratech Now Launches Mega Mart In Noida For The Best Shopping Experience

With the special aim to present some of the fascinating and world-class shopping experience in all over Delhi and also the NCR region, finally, WAVE Infratech came up with the rest estate wing and also the latest additional of Metro Mart in proper Noida segment. This mart can also be stated to be the best ever entertainment and shopping destination, for all types of needs. This service is mostly located near the Sectors 25A and 32. This project can also be defined as the best ever outcome of the vision, which was to transform the entire shopping experience in NCR or the Delhi region. Moreover, through this shopping segment, the global retail players are going to come under the same roof.
In order to deal with the gathering during the launch of the mart, special arrangements were made by none other than renowned singers, in order to get hold of the biggest shopping adventure ever. This metro mart was constructed by reliable builders and is located at the Wave city center, the hotspot region for the natives as well as residents of Noida. Moreover, this field has also come across the dedicated entry for the convenience of the commuters, from the segment of the metro station of Noida city center. This is going to offer you with a hassle free and at the same time holistic shopping destination for all, especially the shopping lovers.
One of the major spokesmen of the Wave Infratech said, “Metro Mart can be defined as first ever large-scale AC mall, which is located in the middle of Noida. Moreover, to top it all, the shopping complex is also located near to the metro station and there is also a proposed entry segment for the commuters, making this mall a great option for many. As it is located at the Wave City Center, therefore; metro mart is going to enjoy the bets ever strategic locations, with excellent and convenient options for those, planning to come from NCR or Delhi.”
This can also be stated to be the best possible options, under those, who are willing to go for the Connaught Place for the cosmetics, apparel, daily needs and also for other shopping areas. Now, people do not have to travel all the way to Nehru Place for any of their IT or electronic peripherals. This mall is going to comprise of a ground floor along with 2 other floors, where people can enjoy the best design of neat independent stores. The main aim is to meet the special requirements of the end users as the shops are available in various shapes and sizes from 350 square feet to 650 square feet areas.
There are some special hypermarkets, which can be availed at ground as well as first-floor option along with fashion stores. The food court comprises of 350-seating capacity along with the 5-fine dining place and also kids play regions. These are some of the best possible options and points, which you can try and get hold of, when the main area of concern is related with Noida.

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Amrapali Heart Beat City in sector 107 of Noida is a showpiece of elegance combined with millennium’s utilities. It is one of the upcoming residential projects of Amrapali groups. This world class project offers 2, 3, and 4 bed room apartments varying from 1195 to 3235 square feet. Amrapali Heart Beat City is situated in sector 107 of Noida one of the fastest growing residential hubs in Noida along with departmental stores for daily needs. Amrapali Heart Beat City is a luxury homes that gives you lush green surroundings with elegant and cool atmosphere.

For the recreational needs, Amrapali Heart Beat City provides lots of amenities and facilities to its residents in the form of Meditation Court, Swimming pool, Kids pool, Gymnasium, Green club with Sports, Health, Leisure & Entertainment Facilities, Vastu, Eco Friendly & Wi-Fi Enabled Complex, 24*7 Power backup, Open Amphitheatre, Auditorium, multi cuisine Restaurant, Food court, Playing park, Tennis court, Lawn Tennis, Parking Facility, Water Supply, Clubhouse amenities like spa sauna Jacuzzi, and massage room, 4 Tier Security System,  10 luxury guest rooms, Lift with personalized electronic key for every owner, Sky Bungalows with no shared wall with others, plenty of sunlight, cross-ventilation from all sides and complete privacy. Amrapali Heart Beat City is located in very peaceful areas and is pollution free environment, filled with greeneries and recreational facilities for a better lifestyle.

Amrapali Heart Beat City is situated in Sector 107 in Noida, which is a major hub for multinational companies, outsourcing giants, educational institutes, shopping & entertainment centres. It is well-connected in and around Noida and adjoining areas such as Ghaziabad and Greater Noida. It takes 5 min drive from Sec-18, 15 min from Apollo Hospital and approximately 8mins drive from DND Flyway. Life in Amrapali Heart Beat City means experiencing the luxury within the budget. Amrapali Heart Beat City thus offers homes with delightful ambience in cozy surroundings and ensures that you live quality life.

Amrapali Heart Beat City is one of the upcoming luxurious residential projects of Amrapali groups, one of the India’s fastest growing real estate development companies enjoying good reputation in the market. With the guidelines and assistance from the Mr. Anil Sharma, who established this group, they had created themselves as one of the most trustworthy builders to their customers.  Amrapali Tropical Gardens, Amrapali Kingswood, Amrapali Titanium, Amrapali Verona Heights, Amrapali Spring Meadows, Amrapali La Residentia and Amrapali Terrace are some of the projects of this group.

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